What is CTR?

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Internet marketing has gone through a long way to maintain a new era in the field of marketing. Now, almost all the companies have a website to build online connections with their customers and obtaining all possible marketing techniques including Internet marketing to reach their customers. Internet marketing often contains ads that are presented in the form of a banner, link, pictures, etc. But the question is how the company can determine that these ads are being viewed and in what manner? The answer is through CTR.


CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the percentage of the people who visit your ads, pages or links. So, if you send an email to your desired list and 300 people viewed it but only 150 clicked the link of your product in that email, then your click through rate is 50%. It’s pretty much easy and also a straight forward measurement of how your Internet marketing campaign is going on.

what is ctr

Now, this click through rate (CTR) is important because it gives you the projection of how well your campaign is working. If you already have written a good article, blog post or post an Ad that can really attract your customers to know about your product then you will have a good click through rate. Now, if your ad is not gaining much CTR as expected it’s time to go back to the dressing room and think to make it better. But, never do any unethical practice. If you write ads with too many outlandish offerings just to ensure a good click through rate then you will be in good trouble while delivering the product to the customers. When the customers will find that you lied to them, they will do negative marketing of your product & that would do long term harm to your product as well as to your company.


There are many ways to determine a good CTR. The industry and the quality of your ad are the most important factors. If you are trying to gain CTR through sending mails only you should be able to get 50% of CTR and if you have Google Adsense of your site or blog you should have at least 10-15%CTR. These CTR are helpful or in a sense very much mandatory to gain your earnings from the Google Adsense for viewing ads given by Google.


So, at last, we can say that CTR is the determinant of the popularity & earning of a website owner or for a company which promotes its products through ads. As we can say we should always monitor the rates of click and take necessary steps if statistics are going down. A good SEO service provider can help you to attain high CTR to improve your business profit.

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