Best HR & Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh

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HRM software is very much needed from small to large companies. HR software used by companies can do their HR & Payroll related tasks very easily and that also saves their time as well.

From the start, we have used many HRM software and used their HR & Payroll options as well. We took service from many International HRM software companies and from local companies as well. But none could fulfill our need and we didn’t like the strategy they are built it.

Finally, we came to know about PiHR, HRM software by MyPiHR.  They provided customized feature options as per our need which was really important for our business. And the customization gave a new professional look on our end. Exactly the service we needed for our company. In our opinion, they are the best HR software company in Bangladesh.

Today, we will talk about why PiHR is the best HR & Payroll software in Bangladesh.


Replacing the age-old reliable paper files and excel sheets might be too daunting an idea initially. However, utilizing HR and payroll software will drastically increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency. Are you a small business owner and are looking for the best HR & payroll company in Bangladesh?  

Looking for exemplary service is very similar to online shopping. Therefore, you can trust certain brands and websites for their quality products. Similarly, PiHR by MyPiHR is the best HR & payroll software company in Bangladesh. Let’s see why.


How Many Organization Use HRM Softwares 

HRM software is comparatively new. Therefore, many organizations are only getting used to the idea. However, our research shows the following figures of the organizations that incorporated HRM Softwares and have experienced an increase in productivity. 

















Why PiHR is the Best HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Let us have a detailed look at why PiHR is the best payroll software in Bangladesh. 

Simplification Through Automation 

The biggest problem with the outdated HR methods of keeping track through excel sheets is the lack of automation. Automated software makes functioning simpler and smoother, even though they involve a bit of a learning curve.

PiHR is an HR payroll software in Bangladesh, allowing your HR system and tracking system to be smoother, more organized, and less complex. The most significant benefit of our automation is customization. 

You can customize the software according to your company’s requirements to make it track only the things you want it to.


One Solution to All HR and Payroll Management Requirements 

Gone are the days when you will have to keep track of all employee-related statistics through multiple sheets and records. PiHR allows all your employee’s data to be stored in one place to make everything uncomplicated and straightforward.

Our management software can keep track of various statistics and information such as

  • Shift management
  • Employee attendance
  • Tax management
  • Payroll software
  • Employee management
  • Expense management
  • Task management
  • Employee tracking

With all this information in one place, it becomes excessively time-saving and simple to get hold of the information you need on a daily basis. Such assimilation of information is not only important for your business but also extremely beneficial for the employees to track their performance and attendance. 


Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Software 

When all information regarding every employee is saved electronically in the cloud, accessing it becomes easy. Say no to frequent file misplacement and lost passwords with cloud-based HR and Payroll Software since all the information is stored outside of the company.

Cloud storage makes each employee’s information much safer and saves the company the cost of on-site data storage. Your data is completely safe with us at MyPiHR since our PiHR software stores all the information on the cloud for your convenience.


Package Flexibility

With PiHR, you have complete autonomy over the package you will require and the amount of money you will be paying us. We offer different packages suitable for different company sizes. 

Therefore, as a small business owner, you do not have to worry about overpaying for the software you might not use to its full capacity. 

We offer the Tiny Package that will work best for a company that has one to 25 employees. This facility to choose the package suitable for your company size is a possibility only available with PiHR. 

The company also offers the small and the mid packages that are suitable for 25-50 employees. All these packages get free updates and complete customer support for your convenience. 


Biometric Integration 

Basic biometric integration makes the functioning of simple tasks very feasible. Biometric integration allows for guaranteed attendance, payroll details and avoids any fake entries. It is also due to the biometric integration that multiple layers of tracking and security are added to the HR and payroll system. 

PiHR is the best HR & payroll software company in Bangladesh because it is the only company that offers biometric integration. Hassle-free attendance systems become extremely simple to handle and save a lot of precious organizational time and money on a daily basis. 

The optimum combination of software and hardware advancement provided by PiHR is exactly what is needed by the HR department to function smoothly. 


Safe Data Encryption 

While using any software, the biggest concern of any organization is data protection. As an HR and payroll software, PiHR follows as much data security as possible for your company. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your employee’s personal and professional information being sold to other organizations or slipping from our security.

Your organization’s confidential information can stay hidden from us. However, in case it needs to be shared, you can be sure that our privacy policy is strict yet flexible enough to save your personal and professional data.


Employee Task Management

PiHR is a great software that integrates not only employee attendance and payroll but also daily task management systems. With complete control in the hands of the HR managers and the admin, they have the scope to add tasks and assignments to employees to the best of their details. 

With this much data assimilation, your organization can keep track of all the tasks that have been assigned to an employee. Therefore, the software allows you to keep track of not only the attendance but also the daily work done by an employee to prove maximum utility. 

The software can automatically produce reports and graphs to show how well an employee has been performing. This allows the HR department to have a better understanding of each employee’s productivity and value to the company. 


Unbeatable Client Support

One of the biggest problems with a lot of software companies is that they do not provide adequate client support. Once their product has been sold, clients are generally left with a user’s manual and unhealthy client support. However, that is not the case with PiHR.

Our dedicated team at MyPiHR provides extensive after-sales client support at all hours of the day and all days of the week. Therefore, if you have any emergency issues with your company’s attendance management and payroll, we will help you in every step. 


Summing Up 

PiHR is one of those business tools that will save you a lot of time and money in the process of managing your company’s payroll and HR. The software provides maximum flexibility and security in terms of payment and data protection. 

With reliable services and powerful tools within the software, it is undoubtedly the best HR & payroll software company in Bangladesh. 

PiHR is the one-stop solution to all your HR and payroll-related issues in a small business. It keeps track of employee attendance, performance, tasks, payments, leaves, and all the other essential agendas.

Therefore, if you’re looking for powerful payroll software in Bangladesh, consider PiHR. 


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