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12 Best HR and Payroll Software Companies in Bangladesh

It is no secret that in the business world today, employees are the most valuable resource. Now more than ever, even finances are second to the wellbeing and management of an establishment’s workers. 

With this, the need for the hour shifts to creating a streamlined framework for the HR department. A suitable and dependable HR and payroll software service can revolutionize the entire roadmap of your business. 

Such software facilitates the organization of the employees’ portfolios, tracks the company’s progress, and helps improve communication. 

It is common for businesses to outsource HR and payroll responsibilities, but the best decision is to handle them in-house. Online management also allows you to stay organized no matter where your employees are. 

It can be overwhelming to choose the right HR and payroll software company with several options at your fingertips. As you read further, you will find 12 of the best services in Bangladesh. 

Take a step towards seamless online management as you check out the companies below. 

#1. PiHR 

HR Software

PiHR is by far one of the most popular HR software and employee management systems in Bangladesh. It comes with a range of features that focus on the welfare and personal development of businesses. From small businesses to medium enterprises- all can benefit from PiHR’s reliable interface. 

PiHR is a well-rounded and the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh. The service has strict security features in place as well as protection against hackers or breachers. 

PiHR has an automated payroll system that gives you better control over related information. It incorporates a time and attendance tracker as well, eliminating most risks of error. 

The most significant features of PiHR are:

  • It is a complete HR solution with built-in security 
  • It keeps a centralized record of employee data and stores documents in a digital form for analysis and reports
  • It is flexible, and you can structure it to accommodate any year format, for example, specific leave years 
  • There are minimal errors in calculations
  • Facilitates self-service 

PiHR is a highly customizable platform that you can tweak to meet your requirements. Bangladesh businesses can benefit from it in diverse ways, with its HR experts providing training and support.


#2. Southtech Group

Southtech Group is a leading software company with its origins in Dhaka. It can help you put a tick mark next to your business goals with effective HR management. Its management and payroll software include all features you need. 

Its security features protect your business from any data leaks regarding employee records. The system comes with attendance and leaves trackers in addition to assigning shifts. Below are some elements of the software:

  • It has a central system of information storage
  • You can optimize space on your network easily 
  • Salary reports, loan reports, and other services are easily accessible 

Southtech Group offers an excellent HR and payroll software service for your venture. 

#3. Lines Pay             

When you talk about the most reliable HR and payroll services in Bangladesh, you cannot exclude Lines Pay. It is a highly professional platform with a focus on serving small to medium businesses and initiatives. 

Its service includes a modern and constantly updated management system that revolves around simplifying complicated workflows. User experience is intrinsic to the way Lines Pay curates its interface for HR management. 

Here are some outstanding features that Line Pay offers as part of its HR and payroll software:

  • You can run its software independently on any platform
  • One central location or ‘storage palace’ contains all information about employees and their data records
  • It is convenient if your business maintains several departments or sections, thanks to its all-in-one nature 

In addition to these features, Lines Pay provides other fundamental services such as generating salary reports, loan reports, and more. It also handles deduction and allowance, amongst other things. 


#4. Jibika Plexus

Jibika Plexus is a smart web-based system for HR management. It offers an efficient and well-structured system of payroll responsibilities as well. After a relentless development cycle, the company has produced its HR and payroll software and continues to make improvements. 

You can use the service while on the go, using your smartphone or tablet too. It reduces the need for any extra paperwork. With a multi-layer system of approval and an informative view, Jibika Plexus is a top HR management software in Bangladesh. 

The HR and payroll software comes with a range of advanced features. These include smart face attendance and more. The system has a flexible and customizable payroll as well that can function according to your settings. 

Some noteworthy features of Jibika Plexus are:

  • It is an adaptive and accommodating software, compatible with most devices and platforms
  • It allows self-service since it comes in the form of a mobile app
  • Jibika Plexus eliminates the need to print documents for employee records, reducing the usage of paper by as much as 75%
  • The software includes an evaluation system that allows you to nurture relationships with employees

Jibika Plexus also uses an effective notification system for all kinds of alerts. It is a suitable HR and payroll software that can streamline the functioning of your enterprise at the drop of a hat. 


#5. Zaman IT

Zaman IT is a web design and software company with roots in Bangladesh. Its HR and payroll software go by the title of Smart Pay. It has an excellent portfolio as a management system for Bangladeshi enterprises, providing an easy solution for any organization. 

It is incredibly user-friendly, and you can use Smart Pay from any device or location- with unlimited access. The service is affordable for small businesses since it has a nominal price. 

The software maintains individual access and user panels to save time and effort. Here are some notable characteristics of the service:

  • The Provident Fund section checks balances, withdrawals, PF deposits, loans, and statements
  • It produces a comprehensive salary report with allowance sheets, payslips and organizes other necessary documents like bank sheets and loan sheets
  • The HR sphere of Smart Pay by Zaman IT records the history of all employee reports that involve attendance reports, late reports, and leave requests 
  • It maintains a database of all information about deduction too

Zaman IT’s HR and payroll software offer you a shot at organizing the human resource department of your business effortlessly. It drafts reports and leaves histories while maintaining a solid and secure database of employee information.

#6. Gent IT

If a simple yet effective HR management system is what you are looking for, Gent IT has a solution for you. The company’s HR and payroll software come with various features fit for every task you need to accomplish. 

You can manage attendance and leave quickly with complete reports available in pdf forms. It also gives early as well as late leave count provisions. With a customizable calendar, you can view company and public holidays to keep up with business proceedings. 

The software has an integrated project management system that helps assign tasks to employees, create teams, and track progress. It comes with logistic support too. 

It is necessary to maintain precise records, and Gent IT’s system facilitates this through excellent data collection and display. You can see the workflow, category, and report of all assets and expenses. 

The payroll functions of the software give complete employee information along with salary details, deduction, structure, and more. 

Here are some features of the service:

  • It provides an excellent attendance management system
  • Project curation and tracking is easy with Gent IT
  • It has a robust structure that aids in asset and expense management 

Further, Gent IT can give you access to services such as loan management and more. 

#7. Roopokar

Roopokar is yet another excellent option for the HR and payroll management needs of your business. Roopokar has developed focused features that take care of HR and payroll services smoothly and efficiently.

The software incorporates an employee portal with a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate for all. It also has a dedicated announcement section, a system for logging and scheduling leaves, handling shifts, and more. 

Roopokar also offers high-tier security for all employee and company data. The service has several valuable features. Some of them are:

  • Roopokar gives you the option of engaging with the system in the Bangla language, making it more user-friendly for all
  • The service has offline as well as online modes
  • It does not take too long for the software to begin functioning in congruence with the company
  • It has a fast data connection and a backup mechanism that preserves records
  • Roopokar is highly customizable

For the HR department, keeping track of corporate scorebooks, report charts, holiday modules, and more becomes an easy task.

#8. Soft IT Security

Without a doubt, Soft IT Security is one of the topmost web design and software security companies in Bangladesh. It offers its curation of an HR management and payroll service at an affordable price. 

The company has created the service with the integration of different HR processes and administrations. 

Soft IT Security brings its software to you with the help of a highly professional and well-trained team. You can put all your security concerns to rest as well – your enterprise’s data will remain unharmed.

With state-of-the-art technology, Soft IT Security’s HR and payroll software come in different versions with diverse objectives. Some are standard packages, while others are customized to meet the specific requirements of a business. 

Take a look at the significant features of the software:

  • It offers multiple layers of management and helps keep track of HR functions like new employments or resignations 
  • The service has a user module, leave module, a configuration module, and recruitment module, along with several others 
  • It comes with features for attendance, reporting, keeping track of loans, and more
  • The payroll section has separate customizable modules for promotions, increment, deduction, and more

Soft IT Security can tailor an HR and payroll software service to your needs.

#9. Systech Digital Limited

Systech Digital Limited has a reputation for reliable performance. It has more than 20 years of service in the field of software creation and satisfying results. The company understands the value of the employees in a venture, and its HR and payroll software reflect this. 

Below are some features present in Systech Digital Limited’s HR management system:

  • You can gain access to all employee information and records with just a single click
  • One-click reports help you monitor the leave as well as attendance records of every employee
  • Customized calendars leave no room for error or late payments when it comes to the salaries of employees 
  • There are several modules like employee module, loan module, payroll module, production module, and more 

A flourishing business stems from smooth operations in the HR department. The HR and payroll management system that Systech Digital Limited offers has excellent features to help you run a successful business. 

#10. Syntech Solution Limited

Syntech Solution Limited is a company that believes in the subtle balance between employees and employers. Good relations between the administration and the workers come from effective HR management. Syntech Solution Limited offers a system to catalyze this. 

Some essential elements of this service are:

  • The software generates reports based on the progress of all branches, employees, and projects
  • There is a solid mechanism for tracking payroll developments, bonuses, attendance, leaves, and other aspects 
  • Syntech Solution Limited’s software makes it hassle-free to generate payslips 

In addition to these elements, the software comes with all fundamental HR and payroll services. 

#11. Web For Solution

Web For Solution may not be a name you regularly hear in the field of HR and payroll software services in Bangladesh. However, its software is worthy of being on this list. You can easily keep a check on leaves and create customized rules for attendance and related requests. 

The software operates with a centralized system of storing information. It is easy to gain access to any data in mere seconds. 

With its easy-to-use interface, your business can benefit from the following features:

  • Web For Solution offers an all-in-one integrated system of HR and payroll management 
  • You can exercise control over desk management, leave management, loans, recruitment, and more

Web For Solution is your path towards a successful HR department. 

#12. N.I.Biz Soft

N.I.Biz Soft is similar to the other software that you have read about here. It also provides all essential HR services such as tracking attendance and shifts, loans, leaves, and more. You can view employee statements and requirements too. 

With N.i.Biz Soft, you can quickly gain a bird’s eye view of your business proceedings. Monthly data will be at your fingertips for easy comparisons. You can also identify areas where there has been a change in productivity. 

Here are some features of the software:

  • Employees can file online leave applications
  • There is a facility for online resignations as well as recruitments 
  • The service allows you to track employee performance  
  • An online reimbursement plan also exists in the service 

N.I.Biz Soft is a competent HR and payroll software service in Bangladesh. You can experience its advantages as a small to medium enterprise.

All of this HR & Payroll software is great. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one accounting and business management software, not just HR & Payroll, then go for TallyPrime. Tilly Prime gives you the advantage to manage accounting, Payroll, taxation system, Financial Management, and other solutions in one platform, so I would recommend you go for TallyPrime.

Today, the world derives the standing of a company from how much it values its employees. So, it is vital to have an effective and robust HR and payroll management system in place. In this digital era, you have several software options at your disposal for this purpose. 

This article brings you a list of the top-tier HR and payroll software companies in Bangladesh. With them, you can greet a new era of productivity and communication in your enterprise.

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