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Looking for Best SEO Expert

Learn How To Find The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

If your SEO agency isn’t ranked on the 1st page for any competitive keywords, how do you believe they can rank your website? ????

There is a simple way to check whether an SEO or an SEO Service agency is the best or at least good enough to trust. Simply take a Google search by one of the following keywords:

SEO company + Dhaka, or

SEO company in Bangladesh, or

SEO agency in Bangladesh, or

Best SEO company in Bangladesh or

Best SEO specialist in Bangladesh, or

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

If you find they appear nowhere on the first page, don’t trust them. Otherwise, you’ll fall into a fatal trap!

The more SEO projects you can successfully accomplish, the more knowledge you’ll gain, and the best SEO expert you can be – this is where we are on top of all!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m here not to criticize other SEOs or SEO agencies. I’m just introducing you to our work process so you can realize how good an SEO agency could be.

Dear savvy business builders,

We are not like every other SEO agencies. We are the strategists!

We are here to win you the battle and make you more money! ???? 

We slaughter the competitors
We are the strategists. We slaughter the competitors.

Strategists don’t compromise with the competitors. They just slaughter them! Once we are in the battlefield, our bulletproof strategies will slaughter the competition and leave them screaming for mercy.

Dear business builders,

In the following sections, you will learn how we implement our bulletproof SEO strategies to win you the battle and earn more money.


Need help? Why not schedule a call with us today?

Step 1: Setting Up Client’s Strategic Objectives

The first thing first. When a client approaches us the very first thing we do is asking the right questions.

We try to understand the objective or goal they want to achieve.

(It immediately gives them a feeling that Bizcopers are the best in their fields who can surely be trusted.

It is very important to have a clear idea of what their business is trying to achieve through an SEO campaign.)

So, some examples of the strategic objectives could be like these:

  • Rokomari will achieve its organic visibility by 200% within the next 6 months.
  • Rokomari will achieve over 100 referring domains from just 50 referring domains within the next 6 months.
  • Rokomari will grow its lead volume from organic search by 200% by the end of a 12-month SEO campaign.

When we have a clear idea of what the client wants to achieve, it becomes easier for us to work on that and achieve that result.

We never share our clients’ confidential information. But we can share some innocuous data from which our visitors (and maybe the potential leads too) get an idea of how we have helped our clients to grow their business and revenue.

Rokomari Traffic Growth
Image: Rokomari Traffic Growth


IOM Keywords Growth
Image: IOM Keywords Growth

Step 2: Doing the Keyword Research Right

Keyword research can be done in several ways. How we will proceed depends on whether the client wants to modify their website information or not.

Let me explain to you.

Suppose, the client provides some sort of customize solutions and services where the price is not fixed (the price depends on the level of customization).

In that case, the client wouldn’t agree to provide a fixed price solution on their website, although many of the competitors are offering fixed-price solutions.

In that case, chances are that ‘price’ related keywords would get the most traffic from organic search.

However, due to that practical problem, we can’t use the ‘price’ related keywords to attract visitors.

So, the most common ways of keyword research are:

  1. Based on the information published on the client’s website (and possibly some of its competitors, if there is any scope). Where there is not much scope to change the website information or content.
  2. Based on the client’s competitors (and, of course, on the client’s website too). Here the client has no fixed business strategy and he is willing to modify the content to get organic traffic.

If you are not sure which set of keywords is to be targeted, leave it to us.

We will accomplish the whole process as part of our SEO service.

Keyword selection is one of the most important parts of SEO. While selecting the keywords, we consider the following things:

  • Specifying a specific number of keywords so we can measure each of them.

Clients sometimes want hundreds of keywords to target.

But this is not the right approach unless you have really high budget.

The right approach is to select a number of 10, 20 or so that is measurable.

Measuring hundreds of keywords is not practical at all unless there is a very high budget.

Here you may wonder that – oh! I’m spending my bucks only to rank 10 or 20 keywords!

Wrong! This is not actually!

While we are targeting 10 or 20 keywords, they are only the tip of the iceberg.

With that 10 or 20 keywords, we will also be ranking hundreds of keywords.

Important: When the website is new, and there is a long term SEO goal, the best policy is to review your current set of keywords after every three months period. This will open the door to retarget new keyword opportunities.

  • Choosing only attainable keywords

Most people don’t realize what we mean by the term ‘attainable keywords’.

Well, attainable keywords are those that are chosen by analyzing data.

Data will talk – whether you should select a keyword or not.

Extensive Keyword Research (Deep Analysis)
Extensive Keyword Research (Deep Analysis)

The truth is:

A newly built website will struggle to rank for competitive keywords.


  1. Google only gives priority to trusted websites for premium keywords. Over time, when a website gets aged and proves the authority, it will be eligible for competitive keywords.
  2. Already established websites that are ranked for competitive keywords have gained quality backlinks for a long time.
  3. Earning quality backlinks are hundreds or thousands of times more expensive!


  1. If you have a high budget and some time, go after competitive keywords. But remember, it will cost thousands of dollars each month.
  2. If you have a decent budget and some time, choose medium competitive keywords. It’ll save your pocket but will take some time.
  3. If you have a low budget, choose low competitive keywords. It’ll save your pocket and time.

That’s how we choose keywords for your SEO campaign.


  • Giving a time frame

From the client’s Strategic Goal and Keyword Analysis, it should be clear how much time the campaign may take.

Usually, the short-term goal ranges from 4-6 months, the medium-term goal is usually 6-12 months and long term goal ranges from one year to any time clients wish.

You may wonder, ‘why I need a long term goal?’

Well, no successful business wants to stop their SEO campaign when they are getting leads or sales from it.

We have several clients who are running their SEO campaigns for more than 3-4 years now!


Step 3: Taking A Full SEO Audit

We are very lucky that we have a nice team of best SEO experts in Bangladesh who can pinpoint the problem areas and make an actionable plan to resolve them.

We call it an SEO audit.

An SEO audit for an underperforming website is very similar to a health checkup for a patient.

So it is nothing but creating an accurate diagnosis report and suggesting a comprehensive treatment plan to improve overall ‘health’ of a website.

Sometimes we do it even before getting a project.

It helps us to earn the trust that we are the best SEO specialists whatever the goal you want to achieve.

In the SEO audit, our SEO team performs a manual audit first.

Then, we use a combination of premium tools – primarily

Image: ahrefs Audit
Image: SEMrush Audit

We also analyze the Google Search Console and Google Analytics data if we are provided the access.

Then we combine all our findings and produce a comprehensive report.

It gives us a primary guideline how we should proceed throughout SEO campaign.

In addition to the premium SEO tools I have just mentioned above, there are also some cool tools to test specific problems or find out specific queries:

A. Checking Domain Age: 

B. Checking Site Speed:

C. Checking Duplicate Content:

  • Copyscape

D. Checking Page-Level Factors:

E. Checking Content History

F. Checking Google Penalty

G. Checking Quality of Content

  • Content should be easy to understand
  • Content should be free of Fluff Writings
  • Content should have supportive images or links
  • Content should have internal linking [Most SEO experts think it’s very important]
  • Content should be free of keyword stuffing
  • Content should have the right keyword placement
  • Any low-quality content should be removed or improved.

Here is a quick guide to perform content audit.

H. Checking Everything Google Related

I. Checking For Technical SEO Checklist

  • Checking permalink structure for SEO Friendly URLs
  • Installing SSL for https version URLs
  • Checking the ‘Coverage Report’ in Google Search Console for errors
  • Checking and optimizing your robots.txt file
  • Checking WordPress visibility settings
  • Checking comment settings and making sure that all comment links are ‘nofollow’
  • Optimizing your menu and site structure
  • Optimizing your XML sitemap and submit to Google Search Console
  • Checking for sitemap errors in Google Search Console
  • Adding Schema or Markup Tag (structured data markup) to your homepage
  • Testing your structured data markup implementation
  • Enabling breadcrumb menus on all your posts and pages
  • Checking that your schema implementation for breadcrumbs is correct
  • Checking that all your pages define a canonical URL
  • Implementing hreflang if your website is available in more than one language
  • Checking and optimizing your 404 Page
  • Checking and improving the loading speed of your website
  • Using Lazy Loading for images and videos
  • Optimizing your logo and favicon

Step 4: Initiating The SEO Campaign

After the SEO audit is done, it’s time to execute the plan.

The list is endless and it’s not exactly the same for all projects.

However, unless the website old and more or less SEO optimized, we don’t usually start link building immediately once we initiate the campaign.

Instead, we spend the first month resolving the problems as much as we can.

(Once we resolve the most important issues, the website then becomes ready to deserve some backlinks.)

So, at first we improve the On-page SEO factors.

How do we do that?

Here is a basic list of things that we perform:

A. Resolve the issues we have found from our initial SEO audit

SEO Audit Report
Image: SEO Audit Report

B. Add and verify your website with Google Search Console

C. Setup Google Analytics and integrate it with Google Search Console

D. Take action to remove Google Penalties, if any

E. Improve the content of every landing page that you want to rank for target keywords

Most SEO agencies don’t bother to analyze competitors’ content strategies.

Instead they over-optimize the content for target keywords in a hope that they will rank.

But Google is very smart and they understand the tricks.

Google recently released another update for content – BERT.

After the BERT update, the pages which are heavily optimized for the SEO will start losing the rank.

Only the content that covers most of the search answers and user intent will overtake the positions.

That’s what we do while updating the content for SEO – and it’s need huge research work.

Content Strategies
Content Strategies by Competitors Analysis


F. Build high-quality backlinks to build authority

G. Optimize your Google my Business account to get appearance in local listing


Step 5: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Unlike other SEO specialists or agencies we don’t only focus on SEO and ranking.

We also work to drive revenue and profit to your business – we call it conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The measures we take in CRO are as follows but no limited to:

  1. SEO Title Tags – Title is the first thing people read on search engine result page and decide whether they will click or not. So it should be killer. If we think a title is not giving us the optimum result we try A/B test to find the best one.
  2. Meta descriptions – We use enticing meta descriptions that will bound people to click and see what’s inside the page. A well-optimized meta description acts as an organic advertisement. If you can advertise well, it’ll maximize your CTR that has a positive effect on the ranking.
  3. Call-to-Actions (CTA) – Without an ideal and effective call-to-action form or button, you can’t successfully convert your visitors. We use different tools to A/B test what CTA form or button is actually working for you. Example: ‘Optimizely’.
  4. Analyze Visitor Behavior –  Once we create a landing page and set the Call-to-action buttons or sales button, we may want to measure how our visitors interact with it. Or maybe we want to compare between two buttons – which one performs better. Then we need to use something that can show us the users’ behavior. There are many tools to analyze the user’s behavior for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). One of my favorite tools is Page Analytics (by Google). It’ll also give you other analytics data of Google Analytics, without the need of accessing into it.
    Page Analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization


There are also some other tools such as ‘Hotjar’, ‘Crazy Egg’ and ‘heatmap’. We usually use a mixture of them to get idea which parts of a web page get the most attention.

CRO strategies are also very helpful in dominating your industry and sustain your results throughout the page 1 of Google.


Dear Business Owners, if you follow the above strategies correctly, I promise your website will be flooded with free organic traffic.

But the question is, do you or your team have enough time and resources to implement them?

Well, here we can help you. No matter where your company is located. Whether it is in Dhaka or in any other city of Bangladesh we have the solution for all.

We are a well-recognized SEO expert in Bangladesh. Our work has been featured on several television channels such as Maasranga, Independent, and Channel I; daily newspapers such as Prothom Alo and Kaler Kantha; and some other local FM channels.

We are a result-driven and growth-focused online marketing agency. Whatever the problem you face in your business growth, we have the solution.

If you are confused about how we can help, I can offer you a free consultation!

We can schedule a call. One of our SEO strategists will consult you about your business problem.

Just call us at +8801636787936 or send us a message through [email protected]. We are just a phone call or an email away!


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  1. Hi Sharif, Your content and strategies look awesome! I have a service website and I sent you an email asking if your company can rank my website on Google’s first page. Would you please open my email and send me a detailed report on where should I improve and how should be the SEO plan?

    1. Hello Mr. Rahat Imtiaz,

      Thanks that you have liked our blog post and showed interest in our service. We have already sent you a proposal. Please check your email.


  2. Thanks for sharing this vital information with us all because your write up is very clear and understandable. I love the way your website gives information.

  3. Hi!
    I am learning the ropes of SEO, just got the hang of using the keywords, long-tail keywords still flummox me though.
    Agree about keyword stuffing. Posts with too many keywords make for an irritating read. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and reminders, Karmen!!

  4. Very good blog Bizcope. Thanks a lot. I am new to online. I hope I will be benefited from your blog site.
    I am new in ecommerce business. I have created a website, my business name is Shokh Bazar. Which URL is How can I rank my site on google 1st page, plz help me?

  5. Hi, our website lost 80 visitors at the start of this month. A number of our sites disappeared from the initial page in Google. We looked into a little bit and located that numerous sites took our material without consent. A lot of those just duplicate and pasted our web content. So we thought we need to construct E-A-T so Google sees that our material is the initial. Given that we have several good web links we assumed it could be something on-page. I noticed that a lot of the new top sites have increase witch discuss the authors and also the date of the published job. Because our brand is mentioned throughout the net, I ask yourself if it aids to add on-page author signals/tags to our website as well as if it should be an individual (pointed out quite nowhere yet) or an organization (in our case the internet site’s LINK)?

    1. Hi Sherreli Akau, only adding schema will not help in SEO. Your site needs overall SEO improvements including the UX, internal linking from informative content, etc.

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